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The Benefits of Wall Hung Toilet

Wall hung toilets are becoming increasingly popular for good reasons. Having your toilet bowl suspended from the wall instead of resting on the floor comes with several benefits.

Ease of Cleaning

Wall hung toilets are much easier to clean compared to regular floor mounted toilets. Since there are no bases or corners for dirt and debris to get trapped, dirt gets flushed away more easily. Cleaning the area underneath the toilet is hassle-free. This makes wall hung toilets more hygienic. No more scrubbing mold and mildew from hidden areas. Because of the open space underneath, the entire area can be sprayed down and wiped clean in minutes. The wall hung design allows cleaners to reach every surface easily.

Space Saving

Because wall hung toilets do not require floor space, they can save up to 15% of floor area in your bathroom. This can make a big difference in small bathrooms and powder rooms. Wall hung toilets allow for more floor space which makes the room feel larger and less cramped. You can fit in additional storage, benches, shelves and other fixtures that contribute to a well organized bathroom. Even in larger bathrooms, the extra space allows for a more comfortable arrangement of furnishing and walkways.

Universal Design

Wall hung toilets are at a perfect height for people of all ages. They allow for easy sitting and standing, making them good for elderly people and those with mobility issues. Even children find wall hung toilets easier to use independently. The typical height range between 18 – 20 inches makes the toilets accessible for people of varied body proportions. Some models even come with grab bars, safety rails and lever handles to aid people with limited mobility and dexterity.

Stylish Design

Many modern wall hung toilets come with sleek designs that fit seamlessly with contemporary bathroom aesthetics. They lend an attractive, minimal look to your bathroom decor. A wide range of styles are available to suit different interior design themes. From rectangular to rounded, single-piece to dual-flush, you can choose wall hung toilets in traditional and modern looks. The exposed architecture highlights the elegance of the design and lets it become a focal point in your bathroom.

In short, if you’re renovating your bathroom or building a new one, considering a wall hung toilet can provide benefits in terms of hygiene, space optimization, universal accessibility, stylish design and durability. So evaluate your needs and priorities, and see if this modern toilet option may be a good fit for you!

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