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Stylish Bathroom Mirror Designs to Transform Your Space

The bathroom mirror is an essential part of the bathroom decor. Here are some of the most popular bathroom mirror designs.

Front Lit LED Mirror

These mirrors have built-in LED lights on the front that provide diffused, shadow-free illumination ideal for grooming and makeup application. The uniform lighting results in a sleek, contemporary look.

Mirror cabinet

A mirror cabinet provides extra storage space below or beside the mirror. They come in various styles from traditional to modern. The cabinet offers a neat way to organize beauty products, toiletries, and small items.

Round LED mirror

Round LED mirrors give your bathroom a unique look. Their circular shape and ambient lighting bring a sense of spa-like luxury to the space.

Rectangular LED mirror

These classic rectangular LED mirrors come in various widths and heights to complement different bathroom styles. The lighting ensures you have ample light at any time of day.

Round mirror with black frames

Black framed round mirrors provide a minimalist yet elegant aesthetic, especially when paired with black bathroom accessories, tiles, and fixtures.

Rectangular mirror with black frames

Similar to round framed mirrors, rectangular mirrors with black frames create a sleek and timeless bathroom design.

Round mirror with leather strap

These vintage-inspired mirrors have decorative leather borders and straps. They give your bathroom a touch of old-world charm.

Mirror with Golden Frames

A mirror with golden colored frames adds luxury and glamour to the bathroom. The frames shine when illuminated by the bathroom lights.

LED Mirrors
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