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Pros And Cons Of A Shower Wall

Vagur Shower Wall 140 cm

Shower walls are becoming increasingly popular as people look to maximize space and create a spa-like bathroom feel. However, a doorless shower does have its trade-offs. Here are the main pros and cons to consider.


• Open and airy feel – A shower wall creates a more open and spacious bathroom. There are no doors or tracks blocking the views. This leads to a more modern and spa-like ambience.

• Easier cleaning – There are no doors or tracks to clean, making a doorless shower easier to maintain.

• Cost – Doorless showers tend to be cheaper initially since there are no doors to purchase and install.

• Customization – Since there are no pre-defined shower dimensions with doors, you have more freedom to customize the size, shape and layout of a doorless shower. This allows you to maximize space and optimize functionality.


• Privacy concerns – A shower wall offers less privacy, especially if your bathroom does not have a privacy glass door or window.

• Water mess – Without doors to contain the water, a doorless shower can result in more water splashing out and creating a larger mess after use.

• Lower temperature – Without doors, heat can escape more quickly from your shower, resulting in a cooler experience. Outside drafts can also enter more easily. Heated flooring can make up for some of the temperature difference.

In summary, a shower wall can provide a more modern, spacious bathroom experience but does require trade-offs in terms of privacy, water mess, and temperature. Weighing the pros and cons will help you decide if a doorless shower is right for your unique bathroom needs and priorities.

Shower Walls
Shower wall in stylish design, which gives a light and airy expression in the bathroom.

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