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How to Build a Modern Minimalist Bathroom

Design Living 365 Modern Bathroom Black Concrete

Design Living Bathrooms

A modern minimalistic bathroom is a blank canvas perfectly suited for creative and tailored design. By focusing on key elements and avoiding clutter and excessive ornamentation, you can craft a streamlined space that is a relaxing oasis.

High-quality materials

Choose high-quality, versatile materials that can stand on their own without much embellishment. Concrete, stone, metal, and glass are all excellent options for minimal bathrooms. Their natural and industrial aesthetics complement a sparse design. For countertops, a concrete or stone slab plateau is a sleek choice. Metal and glass partitions or doors help keep things open while defining the space.

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Multi-purpose furniture

When it comes to cabinetry, opt for minimal built-in options or furnitures with simple lines. Avoid anything with extensive hardware, carvings or other embellishments. Multi-purpose furniture like a basin cabinet with drawers under the basin help hide storage and keep the overall look uncluttered. Organizers, drawer, dividers and hidden shelf spaces help keep things neat while masking clutter.

Design Living Bathroom

Modern minimalist bathrooms balance functionality with tranquility for a private sanctuary.


Neutral colors

Leave parts of walls exposed for a raw, architectural feel. When painting walls, consider a neutral color palette in grays, whites or off-whites. Shade variations help create a spa-like ambiance. As an accent wall, a bold color or pattern can enhance a minimalist bathroom design.

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Lighting is important

Lighting plays an important role in a minimalistic bathroom. Overhead lighting, spotlights, recessed lighting and dimmers help highlight materials without cluttering the space. Dimmer switches allow you to set the perfect ambiance for different types of use. Task lighting at stations provide directed light for makeup application, shaving or other routines.


Design Living 365 Modern Bathroom Black Concrete

Focus on simplicity

By focusing on high-quality essential elements, you can achieve a minimal modern bathroom that is a retreat. Simplicity and versatility ensure the space will stand the test of time while supporting your own evolving style and needs. With careful consideration of materials, layout, lighting, storage and details, a minimalist bathroom can be a serene functional space.

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